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corporate wellness

The RYZE Athletics Corporate Wellness Package offers on-site training for employees seeking an opportunity to establish and reinforce a healthy body and mind.


We work together with employees to improve dietary and exercise habits that leads to increased confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

our corporate wellness package works to improve 3 important pillars:

1) Employee Camaraderie: Improve togetherness and teamwork as a unit

2) Employee Health: Decrease illness, combat rising health care costs, and improve consistency at work

3) Improve Work Culture: Increase in employee productivity and engagement

With our expertise, we work to improve all 3 pillars, leading to great synergy throughout the work environment.  We offer guidance and accountability.  Your goals are a priority to us, and we want to make sure you reach them!

The Ryze corporate wellness package includes:

Monthly Assessments
Nutrition Counseling 
Goal Sheets
My Fitness Pal Set-Up and Discussion
On-Site Workouts
Cardio and Strength Programming

Questions? To inquire about your company's specific needs or to obtain additional details and pricing information, CONTACT US today! 

Corporate Wellness Testimonials

"RYZE Athletics has awesome personal training!  Since working with RYZE, not only have we not lost anyone, we’ve gained another colleague to join the group.  RYZE has the right combination of drive (“push through it”) and encouragement (“you can do this”).  The staff brings a wealth of fitness and health knowledge; developing a diverse training program that is challenging, achievable and fun.  Through their guidance, we have greater strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and improved overall fitness." 

- Revel IT


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