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WHAT people ARE SAYING about Ryze

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"I have been training with Eric Van Cleave at RYZE Athletics for over a year and would recommend him to anyone looking for a highly knowledgeable and talented personal trainer. Eric's knowledge of exercise physiology and fitness is second to none. His approach to training people is accessible yet challenging. He tailors his training approach to meet the needs of the individual whether that is weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular endurance or improving flexibility. Eric has helped me improve my cardiovascular capacity over the last year by showing me that you can start running even after 50! For anyone looking for a challenging but fun training regimen and an outstanding personal trainer, I highly recommend Eric and RYZE Athletics!"

- Julie H.

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"After having some health issues a few years ago, I made the decision to be proactive in taking care of myself. As a 78 year old, I wanted to remain active and engaged in my life and I needed to make some changes. I began a journey to become more fit and gain strength. I knew that would help me, as I like to say “remain upright and mobile” for years to come. Eric Van Cleave has been, and is now vital to my continued progress. I not only appreciate his knowledge and training skills, but also his encouragement. He challenges me, varies the workouts and does not let me doubt myself. These personal training sessions have helped me build stronger muscles, increased my flexibility and endurance. I believe that my overall health has greatly improved. It is well worth the investment of my time and resources to train with Eric Van Cleave. I have learned you are never too old to make changes and take care of yourself.”

-Martha W.


"During a girls night out over dinner we were both complaining about how out of shape we were. With the craziness of raising kids and work, fitness had taken a back seat in our mom lives. We were both looking for a more individualized approach to fitness and a bit tired of the familiar group classes.
Since working out at RYZE Athletics over the last year we’ve been able to increase our strength and stamina. Eric is a fantastic trainer that pushes you to work harder while maintaining motivation. Not only has Eric helped us build muscle, but he has changed our approach to fitness. He mixes up each workout so we do not get bored and achieve a total body workout. With his expertise, we’ve been able to perform exercises that would’ve been otherwise intimidating for us to perform alone in the gym. If you need that extra push and expertise to meet your fitness goals, go to RYZE!"

- Lyndsey T. and Becca C.


"I started working with Eric VanCleave at RYZE when RYZE first started in 2017. My motivation in looking for a personal trainer was not just weight loss, but to gain a better understanding of how to create a healthier lifestyle overall. Eric, and the entire RYZE team have been incredible in providing that. In my time with RYZE, I was able to drop my body fat percentage by nearly 10%. Starting with zero experience in weightlifting myself, Eric was patient and a wealth of knowledge in answering every question I had and continue to have. The passion and commitment of Eric and his team at RYZE is contagious. As  result of working with RYZE I have created healthier eating habits as well as a passion for being more active. I strongly recommend working with RYZE!"

- Yusif J.


"Eric knows the true meaning of personal training. He designs workouts that challenge me and push me to exceed my perception of my limitations. He knows what is working, what I need to work on more, and when I need to do it. Because of his experience and expertise, I have become stronger and more confident than I ever thought possible."

- Kelly V.


"Since starting personal training with RYZE Athletics almost a year ago, I immediately began seeing results. I have become stronger, with a much stronger core, and base which has helped me improve my games of golf and tennis. What I like the most is that I can workout with any trainer and they all know my goals and what I should work on. Being able to choose any one of them without impacting my goals allows me flexibility in scheduling my workouts."

- Jason S.


"My name is Matthew Abel and I am a 14 year old freshman at Upper Arlington High School. I love soccer and started training at Ryze about a year and a half ago to work on my strength, speed, and agility. I come in every Wednesday at 6:00 AM and train with one of the excellent trainers at RYZE. The trainers at RYZE Athletics always encourage me to push my limits although they have never put me through a drill or exercise I could not handle. Eric is an excellent warm and welcoming trainer. He provides great workouts but is also great to talk to about life. I recommend him without hesitation. I have seen great improvement in my speed, leg strength, and flexibility in a very short time since I joined RYZE."

- Matthew A.


"Since Ava and Luciano have been going to RYZE their skill level has continued to improve. Eric takes his time to focus on their individual development as well as take a personal interest in their success. Eric builds on each session from the last. Since the kids have started working out with him he has turned their opportunities into strengths. Our kids are always excited to get some work in with Eric because of the environment he creates."

- Dan H.


"This place is great! I’ve been going here for almost a year now. I used to go to one of the “chain” gyms, that’s all over town for almost three years. The knowledge of the trainers at RYZE is incomparable. After only a few months here I felt like I was in the best shape I’ve been in since college. If I ever have an area that’s bothering me they know exactly what muscles to hit to make it feel great again. I would recommend this place to anyone."

- Mark H.


"My kids are 13, 11 and 9 and all have benefited from going to RYZE and working out with different staff members.  The basketball training and AAU teams are exceptional for both boys and girls.  They have talented, caring coaches on staff that work with your kids, give them valuable feedback and teach them the game of basketball all while having fun.   My daughter has received specialized, incomparable volleyball training there… enough to earn a spot on a top team at her Club.  The strength classes are beneficial to any athlete wanting to become stronger, faster and more agile.  If you are looking for the total package in being prepared for a sport or just getting in shape, RYZE is the place!"

- Bridget E. 


"I walked into RYZE 10 months after fracturing my knee. After a several months of physical therapy I knew I needed to do something more to get back to 100%. Eric Van Cleave welcomed me in and asked me what my goals were. I told him I wanted to be strong.   Twice a week I count on Eric to coach me through custom workouts that build my strength and endurance in a measured and systematic way.  I trust them to educate me about proper form and how my muscles are engaged in each exercise.  Now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I don’t even think about my knee anymore! The team at RYZE is smart and experienced in exercise physiology and sports training. If you are looking for partners who are fun to work with, genuinely care and are committed to help you reach and exceed your fitness goals, I highly recommend the pros at RYZE."

- Laura P.


"Eric Van Cleave and the staff at RYZE Athletics are top notch.  They have created an environment that allows people of all ages to become the best version of themselves.  They have an ability to engage, motivate and push their clients, regardless of age, to dig deep, work hard and do more than they thought they could.  
Our family of 5 has worked out with all the trainers at RYZE.  Eric and his team inspire, motivate and push us to become better. They promote the active lifestyle of our family with a complete workout that is differentiated for our needs.
If you are looking for a place that welcomes all ages, offers a variety of expertise, and has a culture of excellence...RYZE is the place for you."

- Jessica A.


"We have been training with Eric for almost a year now, and we couldn't be more thrilled with my results.  He encourages and challenges us with every workout, and our sessions include cardio, strength, and core training.

Thanks to his knowledge of fitness and nutrition, we have reached a level of fitness that we thought unattainable.  With his continued guidance and support, we are beyond excited to take our fitness goals to the next level.  We highly recommend Eric, and RYZE Athletics!"

- Aubree J. & Christy J.


"7 months ago (5 months postpartum), I decided to make my physical & mental health an absolute top priority. It wasn’t just me anymore...I have an adoring husband and a beautiful baby boy now. Unfortunately, most workouts would leave me in pain but I needed to figure it out. I was very skeptical about getting back into weight training since my back surgery a few years prior. That was until I found Eric at RYZE Athletics and my life forever changed! 

On top of being a very insightful and knowledgable trainer, Eric is effortlessly personable and makes every workout session go by in a blink of an eye. He always pushes me further towards my goals yet never forces me past my comfort level. 
What impresses me about Eric & the ENTIRE RYZE team is their ability to know my muscle ability within the first session and know what weights to use and where to go from there. Eric & the RYZE Team train with the knowledge of nutrition, strength, stretching and the ability to motivate their clients so results are seen. 
In working with Eric & the RYZE Team the last 7 months, I have yet to acquire an injury from strength training and am extremely satisfied with my progress. In fact, I have reached many of my physical and mental goals and new ones have been made. 
RYZE Athletics is truly the BEST training facility I have ever worked with. I can’t thank Eric and his team enough. Forever grateful & appreciative!" 

- Heather B.


2 Years ago, my family doctor suggested I start weight training. Previously I was a cardio junkie into working out every single day  (running, barre classes, hard core cardio), but I had never done weight training. And I was honestly a little nervous to start, as I didn’t want to get bulky and I was afraid weight training wouldn’t feel like “a workout” compared to the cardio workouts I was used to. 

I started working out at RYZE in Oct 2018 and instantly was hooked. At the end of the hour, I was more spent than I ever have been with any of my other workouts. Every single part of my body gets worked hard and it’s the perfect mix of strength training with bursts of cardio. Every workout is different which I love. 

My middle school son has done a variety of basketball trainings/teams at RYZE as well as conditioning classes and he is always asking to get more and more involved there. The coaches are wonderful working with kids of all ages. They push them and at the same time they make it fun. 

I would highly recommend RYZE to anyone - from youth to senior citizens. They can meet you wherever you are from a conditioning and fitness standpoint and customize a plan to best serve your needs. 

-Paula G.


Two years ago I started working out at RYZE Athletics with Eric.    I was at a point in my life where I needed one on one personal training to help me stay focused and accountable. I had let my workouts and fitness regimen go to the waste-side and I knew coming to RYZE they were going to give me a workout plan that fit me and fit my fitness goals.   I’ve been consistently working out with them at least twice a week and when I can’t make a workout, I really do miss it and can’t wait to get back into the gym.  As I get older and aches and pains can happen more often, they know exactly what to do to help me heal quickly and modify my workouts so that I’m still getting exceptional training.  

-Andrew H.

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